Reflecting on 2016… Janesville, WI | Personal Trainer for Women

fab-girl-2016It has been a busy year at Fab Girl Fitness! I have seen so many women reach amazing goals they made for themselves and saw others reach potential they didn’t know they even had. I worked with many women one on one, several sets of partner trainers as well as a set of three! Throughout the year it was fun celebrating their goals, some of which included working up to a certain challenging exercise, building their endurance to run their first 5k, gaining the confidence to go to the gym on their own, looking their best while standing up in a wedding, being the mother of the bride or the bride herself, a super mom to be that came in well into her 3rd trimester (so awesome!) to keep healthy through her pregnancy and beyond, and many just wanting to work on being the best version of themselves and have done fantastic. Most importantly, they have gotten to focus on themselves and have learned how to make fitness a part of their lives. We are all busy in our own ways- balancing our lives, but if we don’t make the time to focus on our own health and happiness, slowly we lose steam and it can affect so much!

Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for my clients, family and friends!!! Happy New Years!

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