Personal Training | Janesville, WI and Surrounding Areas

Personal Training

I was inspired to become a Personal Trainer after beginning my own fitness journey years ago. I saw myself become more confident, strong, happy and amazed at what my body was capable of if I challenged it in appropriate ways. I earned my Certification as a Personal Trainer through the ISSA (International Sports Science Association).

My vision for Fab Girl Fitness was to have a place for women workout, feel confident, comfortable and encouraged while learning and making progress. Personal training clients that come to FGF receive one on one attention that is focused on their individual needs and goals. Learning appropriate exercises for their goals and form to workout efficiently and safe. I track progress (exercise progression, measurements, photos, etc) and keep my clients motivated and working towards their goals.

With Fab Girl Fitness, you can learn how to lead a more fit and FABulous life!


FAB Getting Started Package- (8) 60 minute sessions – $280/ $35.00 session

Transform Your FAB Life Package- (20) 60 minute sessions – $660/ $33.00 session

Fit, FAB & Fun – (4) 60 minute sessions – $151/ $37.75 session

Single FAB Session- $45.00 session

**Partner or Small Group Training available** Get personal attention from a Personal Trainer while working out with a personalized workout with 1-3 friends! Pricing for 2-1 training (Partner Training) starts at $26.25/session per person for the FAB Getting Started Package!

All first time clients (purchasing a 4 session package or more) will have a dietary review, assessments and kick off workout with a Certified Personal Trainer for their first session. The rest of the sessions will be 60 minutes. All clients have access to their current measurements/assessments and workouts through their private log-in with the studio’s client software. Please contact me with any questions regarding training at the studio!

XOXO – Jade

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